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PHAB Fonts

Always use these beautiful fonts with your web sights!

Truly the most beautiful font of all time. A real masterpiece. Always use Brush Script in your headings and titles of your sight.

If your sight is a little more laid back and relaxing, use Comic Sans. It will make people feel like they are welcome.

Times New Roman is a goodly font for just words on your sight (not headings - lol). It also makes your sight professional and serious, like this one.

Perfect for ANY logo you might be wanting to design. Always consider Papyrus for any logo job you might get as a designer! Go Papyrus!

Courier is great for those who are ohceedee - because everything is spaced just perfect no matter what words or letters you are using! See? Isn't this great?!

If you want to stamp MAGA on your site or yell at someone, use this font. It's hugely readable, too, so it's beautiful for regular words.

This sight was best viewed through Internet Explorer but they got rid of that, so probably Firefox. View through at least a 1024x768 resolution - definately not with a smartphone. lol. Macs are still stupid and so is Safari so this sight prolly won't look right through Safari or an Apple. We feel sorry for you Apple worshippers :(

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