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Our FAV Software

Programs and stuff to make your web sight project easier!

So Mr. Webmaster, you might ask, what is the secret to putting together a beautiful sight? We'll let's peak under the hood, pull back the curtain, and take a gander at the tremendously great programs we use!

Microsoft Paintbrush

It's now called Paint but we liked the original Paintbrush and still use it and its great on our Windows 95 machine.

Ken Nesbitt's Web Edit 1.2

For those of you lucky enough to use Windows 95 still, this handy web sight HTML program is just fantastic for building sights.

Microsoft Frontpage 98

Oh, be still my heart!!!! If you have upgraded to Windows 98, which is our go-to machine right now, this is THE TOOL for WISIEEWIG sight builds.

Macromedia Flash

You'll need to use IE 7 or under for viewing Flash now, all these fancy Chrome browsers and the evil people at Apple killed it. But Flash is still relevant, but use Macromedia not Adobe because they led it to the SLAUGHTER! MAGA!

Windows 8

We just bought a new computer off Craigslist that runs Windows 8 - it is a huge upgrade from our Windows 98 workstation but we're liking what we see so far!

This sight was best viewed through Internet Explorer but they got rid of that, so probably Firefox. View through at least a 1024x768 resolution - definately not with a smartphone. lol. Macs are still stupid and so is Safari so this sight prolly won't look right through Safari or an Apple. We feel sorry for you Apple worshippers :(

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